Shopify Store – Example



I will build you a fully functioning e-commerce store where you can sell your items online and your store will work great with Google SEO services.

Profile Photo – Example



A great photo or two of you, looking professional that can be used for you business page or profile, so that you give off a great first impression.

Photos – 6 pack



Photos polished and edited at full resolution. Minor cosmetic enhancements and post-production photo repair.

Video Commercial (45s-2m) – Example



Short Commercial for your YouTube, Website, or Television spot. Can be used to attract business to your shop, website, or store so that potential clients can not only find you but also know exactly what you sell. Closed Captions are $10 more

1 Hr of Social Media Coaching



We will crawl through your Social Media Page and check to see where you need to improve and give you suggestions on how you can make more engaging posts. We will also show you how to make a template for future posts so that you can already know what to post and how it should look.

Content Creation, Analytics, & Brand Maintenance



We maintain your Social Media profiles and help them grow, along with your websites. Make engaging posts along with finding exactly what your existing and new customers relate with the most. We design graphics, icons, posters, business cards, emails, blog posts, and other offline media for your business to use when marketing your brand in person.


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